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5 Podcasts I’m Loving as a Creative

I first started listening to podcasts a little over a year ago. I mean, I’d listened to an interview here and there, but listening to them on a regular basis didn’t start until I wanted to expand where I found inspiration. I used to only listen to music when I was working from home, but I shifted to podcasts because I spend so much time on my computer doing work for myself and clients, and I still I want to continue to learn about other creatives without being tied down to a desk. Being able to listen to their stories and tips (regardless of their industries) on the go is awesome. And as I push through work and other tasks, it keeps me motivated while also introducing me to brands, products, and techniques I might not otherwise know about.

Not all podcasts are created equal, though. Some don’t have any direction, have bad audio (seriously, I need to be able to hear what you’re saying people, lol) or claim to be business related but don’t really add any value. I definitely listen to a few podcasts just for entertainment, but if you’re a blogger or creative and want to hop on the podcast train to get a fresh perspective on things, here are 5 that I recommend:


The Lively Show by Jess Lively
This is the show that got me into podcasts. Years ago I signed up for Jess’ newsletter when she ran a jewelry business and also did a bit of life + business coaching; I don’t know why it took so long to tune in but when I did I was hooked, and I also use it as my personal barometer to determine what makes a podcast good. The focus is on doing things with more intention, and while it has slightly shifted its focus from interviewing bloggers that also have small creative businesses, I still tune in regularly and have learned so much from both her and her guests.


#GirlBoss Radio by Sophia Amoruso
If you read Girl Boss and are a fan, you’ll be a fan of this podcast. Sophia interviews Girl Bosses (duh), and they range from actresses to bloggers to Fortune 500 Company CEOs from all around the world. Obviously, it’s a little quirky (the first 10-15 minutes serve as a recap of life happenings for Sophia and her co-host), but Sophia asks really great questions, so you’re actually able to learn how these women got to where they are.


MyTaught You by Myleik Teele
I started listening to Myleik’s podcast after a friend started working with her business and told me about it. Myleik is the founder of curlBOX, an exclusive monthly subscription box full of haircare products, and  Myleik’s approach to business (her background is in PR) is very much “Get Sh*t Done”. She interviews other entrepreneurs in addition to giving tips on trying to find work/life balance, but more importantly, she gives you the real about entrepreneurialship and how achieving success is about much more than the “hustle”.

forbes-millions-podcastMillions by Forbes
Hosted by Clare O’Connor, this podcast is about self-made women and what goes into founding and funding a business. It’s a balance of both corporate and creative entrepreneurs, so you learn about the challenges (good + bad) that each side faced as they scaled their companies. I like this one a lot because so far it’s had a big focus on fashion, beauty, and lifestyle startups, which is very much needed considering so many women launch businesses within these spaces.


The Glossy Podcast
This is the latest podcast that’s been added into rotation but so far I’ve been very impressed. Glossy is a new publication from Digiday Media that launched in May. Focused on the impact of technology in the fashion + luxury industry, their articles are exceptionally good when it comes to discussing how brands are utilizing social media  + tech  (this is a fave); the podcast is an extension of that. You get to hear new voices within the industry, which is very refreshing. Less soundbites, much more honesty + advice.

What are your favorite podcasts to listen to?

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  • Katrina Bradshaw

    I absolutely love The Great Girlfriends. It’s just like you’re sitting around talking to your great girlfriends. These are your girlfriends that help you with everything including dating, quitting your job, starting a business and everything else girlfriends do.

  • Kris Keys

    I’m going to check those podcasts you listed out! Im always looking for something new to listen to while I’m working. I’m listening to Pardon my French with Garance Dore, Bevy Says, and the Tim Ferris Show.

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