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Fun Times // The Power of Influence Workshop (Recap)

Last week I taught my first workshop in almost a year and as usual, I had a ball. This time around, I moved away from the “basics” of blogging and went a little more in depth about honing in on your influence.

Over the years I’ve learned that you don’t have to have a huge following in order for opportunities to come your way; if you’re promoting a service or product, how you tell your brand’s story is what builds a true following. Creating compelling content (both written + visual) is key to pulling in an engaging audience on your blog and social media platforms, and I loved being able to share what I’ve learned after years of research. I created a 23 page workbook that covered:

  • how to define your targeted audience for deeper, richer engagement and ROI
  • how to develop an aesthetic + voice for your blog and visual content
  • how to determine the best social media platforms for your brand
  • how to monetize your site even if you’re not a huge blogger
  • how to curate content with intent and build your community
  • Apps, tools, tips + tricks to improve your photography and styling skills

I  had a great class filled with strong women from various backgrounds, and while teaching makes me happy, I loved the fact that everyone interacted with each other even more. As I went over each section, the attendees also asked each other questions  and gave each other advice; being open and sharing knowledge is what it’s all about!

We didn’t do any breakout sessions so no extra photos, but my ace Ziggy took a few group shots for me.


I’m not sure when I’ll teach another workshop because my schedule is so full with blog projects and photography work over the next few months (which is kinda crazy since I said I was shifting gears with photography a few weeks ago, lol). The workbook is very detailed, though, so I may make it available for purchase soon. In addition to it, I’m planning on developing more products, so I’d love to know what’s something you’ve been wanting to learn more about related to blogging but can’t find solid info on?

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