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Brand to Know | V. Paperie

The business model of monthly subscription boxes is nothing new, however the types of services that  you can subscribe to are constantly evolving. Meet V. Paperie, a new monthly subscription box of stationary +  paper goods.

Founded by Vanessa Herbert, V. Paperie’s boxes are built around a theme and include 3-5 gift cards, a paper goods item, and lifestyle accessories. At only $25/month (other frequencies are available), if you’re someone that loves to give cards to friends + family or is always behind on grabbing a greeting card for a special occasion, this service helps to streamline the process.

Plus, the contents are too cute to boot! I received the inaugural September Box and wanted to share it with you guys!


Vanessa had some free time to chat and give a little more background on V. Paperie and where she finds her design inspiration:

How did you discover your passion for paper goods, design and illustration?
I have always been drawn to beautiful design, typography, and illustration since I was a child. My mother was a graphic designer (before anyone really even knew what that was, haha), so I was always surrounded by that. I went to college at Louisiana State University, and got my degree in graphic design. There was no other route I wanted to take. Right after college, I worked at a stationery store as their designer, and there is just something about the weight of good quality paper in my hand that I’m obsessed with. I’m one of those that can’t just walk by a paper goods store, I HAVE to go in. I can’t turn my back on a notebook, journal or notepad. I have thousands of them right now in my house. And to be able to design them as my job, yes, sign me up!!


What lead you to start V. Paperie?
Before I started V. Paperie, I did calligraphy. I worked 99% in weddings, so I would design and write up invitations and address envelopes. I did that for quite a bit, but missed designing. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE calligraphy, but day in and day out of sitting at a desk, doing calligraphy, I was missing something. So, in my off time, or while I was watching T.V, etc, I would always be designing on my computer. It could have been a birthday card for a friend whose birthday was 6 months away, a get well card, a ‘congratulations on your baby’ card, or even something as simple as a Fourth of July graphic.


I just always found myself designing.

So, my mom asked why don’t I put that to good use. So….we brainstormed, and brainstormed, and tried to come up with a way to incorporate my calligraphy with the designing that I love to do. I absolutely love the idea of the old fashioned hand written note, and who doesn’t love to receive cards in the mail? V. Paperie was born and 6 months later, my first box went out!


Is all of the stationery designed by you?
In each box, there will be 3 to 5 greeting cards. I will always be the designer for those. I really want to be deeply involved with everything that goes into the V. Paperie box, and ordering everything from other companies, I feel would take away the whole reason for me even starting this business, and make it very impersonal. Not only that, I love designing them…it’s fun for me. For some of the larger items (notebooks, journals, notepads, etc), I will sometimes outsource with other company items, but the stationery will always be a Vanessa Herbert original 🙂
custom backdrops

Where do you find inspiration?
I work from home, so I spend a lot of my time sitting on my front porch and taking little day trips. I get my inspiration from my everyday surroundings. I’m one of those weird people watchers and could sit in the same spot for hours just observing and getting inspiration….the weather, the colors of the season, the design of that random person’s shirt in the checkout line, how I’m feeling at that exact moment…. everything that I put inside that box is a tiny piece of me.

mermaid theme backdrops

So sidenote: if you ever see me and I’m weirdly just staring at you…. it’s not because you have a piece of toilet paper stuck to the bottom of your shoe. Most likely, I just really like your shirt or hair clip, and I’m taking a mental note on how to incorporate it one of my designs 🙂

The contents are “Instagram ready”, and it was pretty cool mailing one of my friend’s a handwritten letter. This is such a cool idea, and if you’re friend’s with someone that collects notebooks and other paper goods then they will love this. Click here to learn more about V. Paperie. Interested in signing up (the November Box is released at the beginning of the month!)? Use code WELCOME10 at checkout to save 10% off your  order!

this post was sponsored, but opinions are totally my own. 

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