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Hannah Bronfman popped up on my IG radar and I’ve been fangirling ever since. In addition to being one of the most sought-after DJs in the fashion world (8 years strong!) she also has an amazing lifestyle website (HBFIT). We’re not even going to get into all of the fun partnerships she’s done, but she’s traveled the world with brands like Christian Louboutin, West Elm, Dior, Teen Vogue + more. She’s living the dream and I can’t get enough of “Keeping up with Hannah”.

Here’s why she’s my #creativecrush:


That job. Travel the world stylishly DJing the hottest parties with the coolest brands? YES. PLEASE. I like that Hannah keeps all of her partnerships authentic and true to her brand. Everything is related to health, beauty + fitness with playful touches to music and style. You can truly tell that  she’s doing what she love.

hannah-bronfman4That face. She’s a fresh-faced, “Girl-Next-Door” beauty; she’s knowledgeable about makeup + skincare, and even when she wears a full face, she still looks like “herself”. Isn’t that what it’s all about?

hannah-bronfman5That Body. Hannah works out hard for her body and has fun doing it. If you follow her on Snapchat, you get peeks inside of her yoga, dance and other classes that make up her fitness routine. She’s healthy and STRONG, which is what we all strive for.

hannah-bronfmanThose nails. Every week she’s got a cool design on her nails. She’s not afraid to go super trendy in small bites, which is the easiest way to test trends out without being fully committed.

hannah-bronfman6Those friends. She runs with other stylish #girlbosses. Doesn’t matter if it’s in corporate or creative  (or a combination of both), they support each other in everything they do (and look great doing it!). Can you say squad goals?


That guy. Her fiance, Brendan Fallis, is a total hottie with great style. Did I mention that he’s a DJ as well, and they get to work together from time to time? They are seriously the cutest, and it’s a dream to have a partner that both gets and supports what you do. #Swoon

hannah-bronfman7That style. She’s pretty, smart, fun, ambitious, AND she has her own funky, eclectic style. She’s not afraid to do her own thing with fashion, rules be damned. Imagine the possibilities of her wardrobe.

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Who do you have a creative crush on?

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