6 Accessories to Add to Your Wardrobe Right Now

We’re slooooowly easing into Fall here, and while I have a wardrobe that’s filled to the brim, I realized that I need to add a few more fun accessories into the mix. I keep it relatively simple right now because I can’t fully layer due to the temps still hovering around the high 70s/low 80s, so easy tops +  denim need to have something fun added to them to keep it from being boring. Sometimes I wish I was the girl that wore all of the crazy trends, but I prefer more safer bets: the classic “trends”. You get more wear out of them because they can be mixed and matched without being over the top.

I’ll branch out when it gets a little cooler for sure, but if you’re looking for a quick update as well, here are 6 accessories to add to your wardrobe right now.

Ornate Etched Cuff, $5.90

As pretty as dainty bracelets are, they don’t do anything for me when I wear them. I’ve found that I have to wear aesthetically heavier pieces in order for them to make an impact.



Rope Trim Floppy Felt Hat, $21.98

I have been in search of the perfect floppy hat since the days of Bennifer and will not stop until I find the  right one. I came close in 2010 (right shape, wrong texture) but the hunt still very much continues.

Daisy Fold Over Clutch Bag, $20

 I carry a huge tote everywhere to hold all of my junk, but I would much rather have some smaller, cuter bags to swap it with when I’m going out to new events during my “off-duty” hours. Clutches are easy, and in the event you’re getting your picture taken, you’ll know what to do with your hands.


Emma Star Velvet Choker, $7

Chokers are one of the few 90s inspired trends that I’d actually like to try. They seem to add a slight edge to a look without looking costume-y (worn with a white button-up + jeans it’s surprisingly posh), so I won’t feel foolish wearing it.

Leopard Print Genuine Calf Hair Belt, $40

So I hate wearing belts with pants, but I always find fun ones to  wear with my dresses. Leopard is a neutral in my book, so this one would go with pretty much every color I have in my closet. I have a few loose/flowy maxi dresses that I can wear for a few more weeks, so I just add a belt and then layer a cardigan over it to keep the silhouette from being too billowy.


Warehouse Tab Detail Cross Body, $41

 Yes, another bag, only this time, it would be used on days that I have location photoshoots. This could hold an extra lens or 2 plus my wallet + keys so I won’t have to drag around two bags when we change spots.

What are you adding to your closet right now?

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