Finding Time To Be Still

Over the last few weeks, I’ve learned the importance of finding time to be still. I’m in one of the busiest, most creative seasons of my life, and while I’m enjoying the highs, I’m being careful so that I don’t go too low and crash + burn. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in people, work, and general busyness, but quiet moments of stillness are needed so that you can renew and recharge your spirit. I love what I do, but I have to incorporate short breaks into my weekly schedule. Otherwise, I get overwhelmed. I sometimes randomly dream about tornadoes, but after a little research and self-reflection,  I learned that the dreams were triggered by chaos and/or disorganization. If I was at a point of “doing too much”, I’d have the dream and know I needed to slow down and regroup. They don’t come as often as they used too (yay!), and I want to keep it that way.

If you’re like me and looking to have more moments of stillness in your life, these are a few things that I like to do to make sure that I get them:

Love thy tea
When you make a fresh cup of hot tea, you have to take a few minutes to prepare it. However long it takes you to put everything together, double or triple that time to really enjoy it. Grab a book, listen to a podcast/music, or even just go and sit outside to really enjoy that cup and maybe journal or meditate. Whatever you do while sipping it will help you to clear your head and realign your thoughts in just a few minutes.

Take a walk or exercise
During my 30 day fitness challenge, I made it a point to get my workouts in early to set the tone for my day. Whether I went walking or did one of my DVDs, I either zoned out to my favorite music or laughed while I did semi-ridiculous dance moves, so I was in a happier mood after I was done breaking a sweat. It also helped me with time management; if I wanted to get my workout in first I had to start by a certain time so that I could still make breakfast and get dressed before I needed to leave for work. The structure stayed with me, so every morning that I take the time out to exercise, I never feel rushed and get a lot of things done.

Plan your priorities
We’re not as busy as we think that we are. I have a lot on my plate, but the only time I feel overwhelmed by it all is if I’ve been procrastinating on getting sh*t done. Sometimes you do work better under pressure so waiting til the last minute can give you a burst of creativity, but honestly, most of the time when you procrastinate, you’re self-sabotaging yourself. Procrastination walks hand in hand with fear,  and you can absolutely fear being great at what you do. You fear people expecting greatness from you, so in turn you start to procrastinate all of the time (which limits what you can take on/create) and never get off of that busy hamster wheel (though you complain about your progress).  Plus, you never have a moment to really breathe and relax. Get your schedule and to-do lists in order and actually FOLLOW THEM so that you can spend less time being busy, and more time actually living.

Veg out/only do something you love
It’s easier for me to be still when I take care of my daily business sooner rather than later. When I knock out everything on my to-do list when I’m supposed to, that usually allows me a free day each week to do whatever the hell I want. So, I can wake up a little later, cook a yummy breakfast and catch up on a little reading, or even zone out to a show on Hulu while relaxing in my pjs. Or, I can treat it as a self-care day and take care of hair + nails, and then have a little fun time with friends + fam. I feel much more balanced, and the only person I’m really obligated to during this time is myself. After I take care of myself, I can then take care of others.

Finding time to be still is necessary for true growth in all aspects of our life, so never feel guilty for carving out those moments in your schedule for yourself. You deserve it.


How do you find time to be still?


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