New Goodies from Sephora at Saddle Creek

Last week I went to the grand opening of Sephora in Saddle Creek (yaaaas! It’s a little  bit closer to home) and picked up some new goodies while there. When I worked at the BR, we were dy-ing for a makeup store in the center to go to on our breaks, so learning that it was finally opening made me a little giddy.

Everything was oh so shiny + sparkly, and I made a mental note of what I wanted for my birthday and Christmas. I needed some new perfume (I love clean scents, but Philosophy discontinued my favorite  one), so I did a little “sniffing around” and  picked up the Marc Jacobs Daisy + Daisy Dream Mini Gift Set ($18) .


Both are so light and clean but lasts long without being overpowering. Daisy Dream is what sold me on it; I usually go for a vanilla scent around this time of year but decided to switch it up.  I like the little mini sets like this because if you like to play around with your fragrances, you can do it without being committed. I WANT to be the  woman that has a signature scent but I’m not there yet, lol.

I also picked up the Sephora Collection blush in Hot Flush ($14), a really pretty coppery/bronzy shade.

sephora-blushI get pretty pale (for a black girl) once Summer is gone, and while I live for a good bronzer, this serves as a softer substitute. Sephora has updated their formulas and now these are really buttery and pigmented. A little goes a long way, which is nice.

There were soooo many other sets and new product releases that I  saw while shopping around. I’ve  been trying to behave and not lose my mind on makeup (I have a little bit of an addiction, lol), but the  location being that close to home is going to be a bit of a (good) problem.

If you’re in Memphis and headed that way, Sephora is on the side near Michael Kors.

Happy Shopping!

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