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3 Ways My Blog Is Finishing 2016 Strong

Can you believe that it’s November?! Seriously, the days and months are flying by, and while I’m looking forward to the Holiday season, the speed in which the days are zooming by is pushing me to get everything in order for the upcoming weeks so that I can finish 2016 strong.

The new year isn’t until 2 months from now but honestly, I want to go into the year with a more efficient plan than what I have now. I’ve never liked to set resolutions  (I focus on goal-setting), and as my opportunities and networks have grown with this blog over the last year, I’ve only received confirmation that those that are in a good groove with blogging and their growth are at minimum a month ahead.

kpfusion-stock22Here are 3 things I’m doing in order to finish 2016 strong:

Being a month ahead sounds a little daunting, BUT, when you break down your own creating and posting schedule, it’s actually quite achievable. If you post 5 times a week, that’s only 20 posts a month. 3 times a week? 12 posts. 1 time?  4 posts. You still have to write them and get your media together, but if you’re batching out your work, you probably have half of it done already, and it doesn’t make the process seem so overwhelming.

Speaking of batching, you are doing that, right? You’re regularly taking chunks of time to focus solely on an aspect of your blog, social media, or website, right? If not,  you’re killing your productivity (and you’re gonna burn out/lose motivation).  I’ve found that when I batch tasks outs instead of trying to multi-task (which most people suck at, btw) I get SO much more work done, and I have a better work/life balance.

Trying to work on creative content, writing, and social media every single day is too much, especially if you’re working a full-time job and/or want to have a life as well. Doing it every once in awhile is totally ok,  but the days of having to sit in front of your computer all day blogging are gone. Batch that ish out and then go live your life! I have a few free days coming up, so I’m going to work on the photos that I need for a few projects I’m planning to roll out in Q1 of 2017, and a few other product reviews that I need to complete.

I try to brainstorm content once a week and have pages of post ideas in my journal,  so I’m going to review my editorial calendar and plug them in with some sponsored content I have coming up so that I can keep my content fresh. I don’t necessarily want to do series (a few  of my favorite blogs have implemented those heavily and now their content is kinda boring) but I want to have balance since I talk about a lot of things.

If you have an editorial calendar (if you don’t,  why not???) look at what you have planned over the next few months to see if any ideas need to be refreshed or added into the mix. If you always wanted to introduce something new to your blog, that’s the easiest way to ease into it so that it makes sense.

Whatever you’re working on, if you take time each week to plan, batch out tasks, and then brainstorm new/updated ideas, you’ll be able to keep a fresh perspective on everything and hopefully see more growth!

What are you doing to finish your year strong with your blog?

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