7 Must-Haves Booties from Old Navy

I’ve been trying to keep it lean over here and not overindulge in shopping but nooooooo,  Old Navy wants to have a sale with 35% off online today. *sigh*

It’s finally cool enough to wear  long-sleeve tops and boots without feeling weird, so of course I’m looking for those plus a few other layering pieces right now. I really want a flat desert boot in a brown leather or suede but it’s been really hard to find-everything has a heel (which doesn’t work when you’re running around town on photoshoots).

Anyhoo, I still haven’t found the perfect pair, but there ARE a few cute pairs that I could definitely add to my closet. I’ve gotten boots from Old Navy the last few winters and to be as affordable as they are, (under $60) they hold up very well. I am very hard on shoes (puddles always seem to find my feet, lol), but each pair I’ve gotten from them always lasts at least 2 winters.  *fingers crossed they don’t sell out*.

Here are 7 must-try styles this fall:

Embellished Ankle Boot, $44.94

Ankle Strap Boot, $44.94
Faux Leather Bootie, $35Suede Ankle Boot, $44.94 Moto Ankle  Boot, $44.94

Suede Pointy-Toe Ankle Boot, $44.94Sueded Boots,  $44.94

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Happy shopping!

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