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Glossier released their Super Serums this past September, and I was finally able to get my hands on the covetable skincare products. Because we’re more than just a “skin-type”, Glossier developed these serums to be adaptable to your actual skincare needs, which can range from hormonal breakouts to super dry skin because you’ve been traveling a lot.


Each serum has 2 “hero ingredients” to help target a specific need, but the cool thing about them is, they’re potent alone but can be layered without driving your skin crazy:

Super Bounce
Hyaluronic Acid (helps plump skin)Vitamin B5  (helps regenerate softer, more supple skin). This one was designed to hydrate dry skin. The consistency is similar to an under-eye serum; absorbs quickly and will help makeup go on smoother.

Super Glow
Vitamin C [AAP] (Dark spot reducer)Magnesium PCA (stimulates the metabolism of tired skin cells). This one was designed to brighten dull skin. This one feels like water going onto the skin and absorbs immediately.

Super Pure
Niacinamide (Vitamin B3; soothes + reduces redness) + Zinc PCA (calms skin + flushes out impurities). This one was designed for skin that’s prone to breakouts. It feels the most like a “classic” serum. After applying, redness goes away, so skin appears more even.

I first incorporated serums into my skincare routine about 2 years ago but never used them consistently. Or should I say, I’d use a product until it was empty and then go months before adding it back in. I tried all of these separately but actually prefer to layer them when I can. Your skin appears brighter and more even, and it’s so soft (can’t stop touching my face). Being that I like to wear makeup almost everyday, I have a regular routine that includes cleansing, exfoliation, toning and a moisturizer/sunscreen; additional steps to help keep my skin bright and clear isn’t a problem at all.

Each serum is $28 but you can get a super pack with all 3 for $65. Do you need all 3? It’s up to you. I see the benefits of all 3, and getting all 3 made sure I didn’t pick out the “wrong” thing. I just make a serum cocktail and go on about my day.

I’ve been really pleased with all of the Glossier products I’ve purchased so far; I’m waiting for the new Black Tie beauty set to arrive so a review of that is coming soon.

Want to try Glossier? Use this link to save 20% off your first purchase. 

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