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One Dish Recipes To Try Right Now

I feel like I spend entirely too much money on eating out right now, but because I’m on the go so much, the last thing I want to do is slave in front of a stove on nights that I make it home late. There are days when I do get to cook dinner (and don’t get me wrong, when I have a glass of wine and some good tunes I enjoy it), but I want to start doing a form of meal prep to help me out with lunches. I keep relatively healthy ingredients at home for quick meals, but if I can offset them with a few one dish meals a month, I think that I can do better with my budget.

Cooking at home is so much better for you anyway (you know exactly what’s going into each meal, so you can make ingredient exceptions to keep it as healthy as possible), so I’ve rounded up a few 1 dish meals I’m looking to add into the mix. Tweaks will be made for sure with a few recipes, but for the most part, these look delicious, and super simple to make.

one-pot-pasta One Pot Pasta

one-pot-thai-quinoa-bowl-with-chicken-and-spicy-peanut-sauce One Pot Thai Quinoa Bowl with Chicken + Spicy Peanut Sauce

one-pot-creamy-lemon-pasta Creamy Lemon One Pot Pasta

one-pan-balsamic-chicken-and-veggiesOne Pan Balsamic Chicken + Veggies

one-pan-mexican-quinoa One Pan Mexican Quinoa

one-pot-farmers-market-pasta One Pot Farmer’s Market Pasta

harvest-chicken-skillet-with-sweet-potatoes-brussels-sprouts-and-sauteed-apples Harvest Chicken Skillet with Sweet Potatoes, Apples + Brussels Sprouts

one-pan-pesto-chicken-and-veggiesOne Pan Pesto Chicken + Veggies

one-pot-greek-chicken-lemon-riceOne Pot Greek Chicken + Lemon Rice

What’s your go-to quick meal recipe?

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