5 Easy Ways to Simplify Your Life

With us being in the thick of holiday season, days can get pretty hectic and make you feel like you’re running on that never-ending hampster wheel. It may seem easier said than done, but now’s the perfect time to start taking steps to simplify your life. Yes, you’re (hopefully) spending a lot more time with friends and family, but you’re also getting long weekends and mini breaks, so take a full day, or even just a few hours to focus on yourself and get things in order. It doesn’t have to be extreme, but implementing these 5 key steps will help day-to-day life get easier over time.

Don’t overcommit yourself
There are so many parties and functions taking place this season and naturally, you want to go to them all. A maxed out social calendar sounds good in theory, but in reality, you’re going to be a grouchy, exhausted mess if you try to do it all. The same goes for work and meetups. Definitely tie up any loose ends that you may have, but if you can handle anything via email opposed to physically meeting up, do that instead. If you can skip a party or two in favor of staying home for some quiet “me-time”, your body will thank you. Being social is fun, but you don’t have to be the life of every party.

Declutter one room at a time
Decluttering is a lot like working out: we might hate to do it when we first start, but we never ever regret it once it’s over. Too much junk in your space can drive you crazy, so take a little time to get rid of old magazines, clothes, products, and even furniture that you no longer need. It’s hard to really know what you actually need when the space is filled with stuff you only kinda sorta like. Break the process down by room and even by area so it feels less daunting, and try to find a place for everything before you move to the next.

Add in some exercise
I seriously cant say this enough: adding in at least 30 minutes a day to get physical can make a HUGE impact on your life. Personally speaking, forcing myself to workout in the a.m. sets the tone for my day. Getting up to workout means not only will I tone my body, but it also puts me on a schedule that allows me to fix myself breakfast + lunch, not rush to get ready for the day, clear my head, and also kick off my water intake (gotta stay hydrated!) I’m more productive, and the extra activity means that I’m actually tired at night and I go to bed at a decent hour. Win, win right?

Pair down your basic grocery list
I would love to be that woman that makes a different meal every night but that’s just not gonna happen. My schedule is way too hectic right now, which means if I don’t want to go broke eating out all the time, I have to have stuff at home I can make quick meals with. There are a few things that I find myself always reaching for, so I try to keep my fridge + pantry stocked with them. Easy list:

  • Breakfast + foods: eggs, turkey bacon, english muffins/100% wheat bread, mixed berries, almond butter, greek yogurt, organic honey, oatmeal, bananas, orange juice.
  • Lunch + dinner foods: salmon, chicken quarters/breasts/thighs, quinoa, spinach, cucumbers, zucchini + squash, cherry tomatoes, carrots, celery, cheese, almonds or cashews, avocado, dry pasta, diced tomatoes, pasta + pesto sauce, peppers + onions.

Obviously I switch it up, but keeping these items at home make it super easy to whip something up when I’m starving (and keep it as healthy as possible too).

Take time to unplug
We absorb SO. MUCH. INFORMATION. EVERY. DAY. We’re always glued to our phones or computers, mindlessly scrolling our timeline. You can constantly find yourself going down informational rabbit-holes, and before you know it, your day has gotten away from you. That book, magazine, or DVD you wanted to dig into goes untouched. It can be hard, but taking time to unplug for a few hours can help recharge your spirit. Even if it’s just to sit and listen to a podcast or talk with friends, those moments can help you get back grounded, which will help you in the longrun. It’s a little weird at first (especially if your work is done in the digital realm), but trust, doing it a few times a week (if not every day) will do wonders for your mental state.

What steps are you taking to simplify your life?

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