IKEA Memphis is Here!

IKEA Memphis will officially open its doors this Wednesday, December 14, but I was lucky enough to take a tour last week during their Media Preview Day. If you’ve been inside of IKEA then what they carry is nothing new, however, the fact that one is opening here is a HUGE coup for the city.

If I didn’t want to order online, I’d have to drive to St. Louis or Atlanta to shop, but having one just 20 minutes away from where I live is gonna be a problem (in a good way).

There were a ton of bloggers + other media there for the tour; when we arrived we were able to nosh on some yummy lite bites from the in-house cafeteria (I didn’t move quick enough and missed out on their desserts *cries*), and then their team gave us a rundown on some fun IKEA stats and more info about the giveaways that will be going on the first few days of opening.

After that, the tour began and like I said, if you’ve been to IKEA before then you already know what’s up, but it’s been a minute so it was product overload. I seriously wanted to sell everything in my apartment and just start over. I saw a few products that I hadn’t seen before on their website (a couple of desks + tables that would be perfect for my apt’s work area) so I had a mental list going as we walked through.

Bloggers doing their thing, recording their experience. Fun times!
I was a bit obsessed with lighting during the tour. I cannot wait til I finally move into a house (or condo, I’m not picky!) and really play around with the aesthetics. So many fun things to choose from!

It was a fun way to spend the afternoon and I can’t wait til they open. I won’t be there on opening day (it’s going to be b-a-n-a-n-a-s because people have been waiting for this for so long) but I saw a few items that would make good Christmas gifts so this weekend it is!

IKEA Memphis
7900 IKEA Way
Cordova, TN 38016

Thanks for having us, IKEA!

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