Favorite Moody Polishes

I love my brights, but I have to say, I really prefer “moodier” shades of polish in the winter. I have a Pretty Polish board on Pinterest and I have to stop myself from pinning the same shades/look over and over, lol. Like lipstick, you can own a 1,000 nude shades and I swear they will all look different! I also love a pretty white (especially on short nails) and soft pastel/peachy pinks.

When I looked through my polish selection, I saw I owned mostly OPI; it’s what my nail tech has always used, and while I pick up other brands here and there, it’s what I always keep going back to at home. Alpine Snow + Taupe-Less Beach are 2 of my faves, but there are some others that I want to add as well (we’ll get to greys at another time). Just in case you’re wanting to add some more to your collection, here are a few moody shades that I’m digging right now:



What’s your favorite shade in the Winter?

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