How to Rock Velvet This Season

Velvet is one of those fabrics that can go from good to terrible in a matter of moments. If the hue, cut, and overall quality of the garment or shoe you’re wearing isn’t very good, you can easily look like a bargain bin reject. The awesome thing about it now, however, is that quality doesn’t have to mean expensive, and the silhouettes are a lot more modern than they used to be. The tones are richer as well, so even if you choose a pastel, it looks more much luxe.

Velvet Boat Neck Mini Dress, Silence + Noise, $69

If you’ve been wanting to try the wintry trend but wasn’t sure how, here’s a little outfit inspo for when you’re ready to take the plunge with velvet:

Velvet Blazer + Skirt

Velvet Pleated Skirt

Velvet Boots

Velvet Top

Velvet Blazer

Velvet Leggings


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