4 Ways to Update Your Makeup Bag for Winter

I’ve been a makeup junkie all of my life, and one of my favorite times to get new products is when the seasons change. I have a few holy grail products that I always use, but when Winter comes, I’m really able to play around with formulas because everything isn’t melting off my face. I also overall my skincare routine (heavier moisturizer, a little more exfoliation), but here are 4 ways that I update my makeup bag for Winter.

Get a heavier moisturizer and eye cream
My skin may be combination, but one thing I don’t skimp on is moisturizer. When your skin is moisturized correctly, it looks so supple, and your makeup application is smoother. NOBODY looks good with dry skin. I also add in an eye cream; there’s nothing worse than setting your concealer and your eyes look dry as hell because there isn’t any moisture there.

Fave: Lancôme Advanced Génifique Light Pearl, $69; Neutrogena Deep Moisture Day Cream, $12.99

Swap out matte foundation for something creamier
Whether I go for a light or full coverage foundation depends on my mood, but in the Winter I switch to a formula with a dewier finish. A super matte foundation can have me looking casket ready (and I hate how it feels when it’s freezing cold outside), but a creamier formula helps to reflect light and make my skin look refreshed and polished. I set with powder, and I can actually skip primer unless I need it to last all night.

Fave: Loreal True Match Lumi Healthy Luminous Makeup, $12.99

Pick out a rosy blush
I lighten up a few shades during this time, and instead of loading up on bronzer so that I can look like a weirdly bronzed goddess, I actually embrace it and start wearing a pink, rosy blush. When paired with highlighter and groomed brows, it gives you an ethereal look (and who doesn’t love that?) If you have dark undereye circles, DEFINITELY make sure you use a salmon/peach/orange concealer under your makeup to cancel them out when doing this (or you risk looking like you have a fever). I’ll use a little contour powder sometimes but for the most part, I’ll skip it.

Fave: M.A.C. Powder Blush in Fleur Power, $23

Try creamier lipsticks + lip glosses
I love a good matte liquid lipstick, but because lips will get dryer and chapped, I tend to grab my non-matte lipcolors. When using lipstick, also use a lipliner to prevent it from spreading, but go old school and slap your lipgloss like it’s 2007 and you’re a Kardashian getting ready for a photoshoot.

Fave: Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick, $8.49, NYX Butter Gloss, $4.99

What do you change in your makeup bag for Winter?

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