Must-Haves | Skinny Denim

Every time I find new denim that fits like a glove, I feel like a new woman. I get extra sassy and then I want to tell everyone I meet to check out my ass because these jeans make it look like sham wow. I’m not insane, however, so I skip that part, lol, but I DO recommend them to people whenever I talk to anyone about denim.

Some people shy away from the skinny style but I think it’s a great option to have:

  • legs look long and lean
  • can be work with flats, heels or boots
  • have a slimming effect when they’re a mid-rise or high-waist cut
  • easy to dress up when you buy them in a classic dark or black wash
  • are timeless and can be worn with anything no matter your personal style

I just got this┬ásuper skinny pair from Old Navy (OBSESSED), and here’s a roundup for you guys from around the web (just in case you’re looking for a new pair too).



What’s your favorite style of denim?


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