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Keeping Your Skin Hydrated During Winter

When it’s cold outside we stay as bundled up as much as possible, but sometimes we neglect our skin in the process. The air outside is dry because humidity is low, so there’s little to no moisture in it. You’re blasting the heat indoors, too, so you’re doing damage there as well. Sure, you want to stay warm, but developing dry, flaking skin is not cute. You want supple, healthy looking skin that’s soft to the touch, so here are a few tips to help you have glowing skin during the Winter.

Use warm, not hot water in the shower
I know I know, hot showers are the bomb, but they strip your skin of natural oils. Try not to turn your water to Hell levels when you shower, and be sure to add in a moisturizing lotion or oil when you’re done (I like to apply an oil before I dry off because it locks in the moisture).

Don’t skip exfoliation
Dry, flaky lips and skin are no-nos, so take time out to exfoliate your entire body to remove dead skin. Pick up a pack of exfoliating gloves and use them the next time you shower (your skin will feel like buttah afterwards), and use a lip exfoliator regularly. If you want to go old school with it, smear on some Vaseline and let it sit for about 5 minutes, then gently exfoliate with an old toothbrush.

Keep lip balm on deck.
Even if you’re a fan of liquid lipsticks and lip primers, you need to keep lip balm in your bag so that your lips don’t chap. There are plenty of days that I start with lipstick and never reapply, so I switch to a balm so that they’re still moisturized. Have you tried eos lip balm? They come in cute little packages, packed with vitamin E, and keep lips smooth.

Use lotion and gloves whenever you can
I keep lotion in my bag and I try to wear gloves when I’m out (this is one that I struggle with because I do so much with my hands). Dry skin can make your hands look old fast, so try to protect them as much as possible.

Don’t forget Sunscreen and Moisturizer
The Winter sun can damage skin as much as it does in the Summer, so don’t skimp on it just because it’s cloudy out. Same goes with moisturizer (even if you have oily-skin). I’ve also gotten into face oils on those days when I need a little something extra. Make both a part of your daily skincare regime so that your skin remains clear and supple.

Drink it in
As always, you should be drinking water regularly so that you stay hydrated from the inside out. Warm lemon water is refreshing in the morning (and a natural detoxifier). You can add berries, citrus fruits and even mint to your water if you hate the taste of plain h2o. If you have a large glass before each meal plus one before bed, you’ll at least get in your minimum of 8 glasses.

Try DIY Masks and overnight gloves
At least once a week, slather your hands and feet with a really rich moisturizer or balm and wear gloves + thick socks overnight. They’ll be super soft in the morning. When you have free time, apply homemade masks made with honey, jojoba +r other natural oils, or avocado for 10-30 minutes to help keep skin hydrated. There are a ton of mask recipes online (or pick up one of your faves from the store if homemade isn’t your thing).


How do you keep your skin hydrated in the Winter?

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