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#ACreativeSocial | Workshop Recap

My heart is full. On Sunday I taught my #ACreativeSocial Workshop, a photography workshop designed specifically for bloggers, small businesses, and creatives. As I’ve grown deeper into photography by way of this blog and freelance clients, I wanted to share some of the tricks I’ve learned over the years with those that want to build blogs, brands and businesses for themselves, but find themselves limited by both budget and time.

Per usual, I created a workbook for us to go over during the first half of the workshop (I’m all about covering the basics and having a reference tool that they can take home), and then during the 2nd half, I had foam boards set up throughout the space for them to use as they played with props from both their personal stash and mine.

I was elated to have people from each area attend: 2 business/motivational coaches, hair stylist, designer, chef/TV personality and bloggers. Each had their own area of expertise that they’re focusing on, but they were able to learn and share their knowledge with each other (which was the best part of it all).

It’s amazing what you can create when you have dedicated time for it. While the turnout was a little smaller than what I wanted (some people couldn’t make it), the experience was rich, and I definitely plan on teaching it again! Also, the website is still in the works, but #ACreativeSocial is actually a new endeavor that I’m working on. I launched the Instagram yesterday and will be posting things there as the site is being built. Be sure to follow and stay tuned!

Also, what are some things that you feel like you can’t find honest, helpful tips on related to blogging + photography? I’m working on content for both that site and here and would love to know what you need help with!

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  • Sophia

    Oh, darn! I hate I missed this event. Followed on instagram to make sure I don’t miss another. Something I would love to learn about is staying consistent with blogging and planning blog posts.

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