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Inspiring Ideas for Office Decor

Now that IKEA is open here I can FINALLY get my home office together for real for real. Yes, Target, At Home, and other home decor places have been in business for years, but I always wanted to get my workstation from IKEA (and didn’t want to pay that high shipping fee. Sue me). Right now, I have my work table set up in my living room because it’s where I work on my product flatlays, but I do want to completely overhaul my 2nd bedroom to be more than just a storage space for all of my supplies and makeup. The base of everything will be white (makes product photography easier), but I don’t know if I want to keep the accent colors super bright (pink, orange, green, etc.) or go minimalist with it.

While I figure out my decor style, I’m pinning up a storm. I have an Office Decor board on Pinterest specifically for it; in case you’re look trying to figure out the same thing, here’s a little office decor inspiration.

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What’s your office decor style?

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