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Creative Space | Kyle Kelley Photography’s Home Office

I first met Kyle Kelley about 2 years ago when she was on set for a shoot I was doing for the Wedding Dress Ball. Her sweet personality and smile was infectious; she’s just one of those women that you instantly want to be friends with. We followed each other on Social Media, and I’ve since watched her launch and grow her photography business by leaps and bounds.

African American WigsThe girl is seriously talented. I loved her personal style, and when I saw that her and her friend Savannah Cantrell (Cantrell Interiors) were redecorating her home office, I was like waaaait, let me see, let me see, lol. I stopped by one chilly day in December to take  pictures (the rest of her home is Pinterest ready too, btw), and was also able to finally meet Savannah in person as well. We chatted about life (she’s newly married), photography, and of course, her office.

When you decided to redesign your home office, what was your process? What did you use as inspiration?
Budget! Always balling on a budget. Once I figured out how I was going to pay for a new space I started planning. Basically what I did was sell pretty much everything that was in the guest bedroom, and whatever I made from selling I put toward the new office. Honestly, the inspiration came from things I like – favorite colors, florals and the occasional scroll through Pinterest.

How did Savannah (Cantrell Interiors) get involved?
Savannah and I have been friends for years, but about a year ago we went to grab coffee because she wanted to talk. She had this passion and dream she wanted to discuss about with someone. I’m pretty sure we went through two cups of coffee each in one sitting because there was so much to chat about. We kind of became each other’s business confidant. I knew immediately that any house project I had from here on out I’d put her in charge! How could I not, have you seen her work?

Did your aesthetics match up easily?
Like a glove!

Ok, so tell me about the gorgeous blue couch (I’m OBSESSED)!
That was all Savan! She’s so good at what she does – very much like an artist. The smallest thing can become an inspiration for someone to create a masterpiece. That’s exactly what happened with the couch. Savannah and I were walking through Frugal Home Finds one day and there was this killer forest green couch in there. Just like that Savannah had a vision for what the office would look like. Unfortunately, the green couch was a tad big for the space so it evolved into the blue beauty that sits in my office now.

What’s your favorite piece in the room and why?
That’s a tough one because there’s so many I love, but if I was forced to choose, I’d have to say my coffee table. It was one of those pieces I saw and couldn’t stop thinking about. I would go up to Frugal multiple times just to look at it. Finally, it was my husband that kind of just gave me the shove to go for the purchase. I think mainly because he didn’t want to hear me talk about it anymore! Haha!

Some people take months to decorate their space while others treat it more as a “one and done” day project. How long did it take you guys to complete everything?
Oh boy. This was a very quick turnaround. I think from the moment I decided to pull the trigger to the last piece being installed, maybe two weeks. I was in a bit of a time crunch. My husband and I were getting married, family was coming in town and I knew I wanted it all done before then. I still can’t believe it happened so quickly! I definitely couldn’t have done it without Savannah’s help.

Being about to work with a friend on a project is always a fun + unique experience. Any plans for future projects in your home?
Absolutely! We have lots of plans on working together in the future.

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I’ve been a fan of your personal style over the years and can definitely see an extension of it into your own photography work and now your office space. Is that on purpose or something you weren’t even aware of?
100% on purpose!

As a business, whether big or small, in a home office or multi-million dollar corporation, there is nothing more important than your brand! Consistency is key. What advice would you give other creatives when decorating their working space?
Choose a space and décor that reflects who you are as a creative, a place you’re excited to walk into every day. A “happy place” that ignites positive, innovative, productive work.

Favorite place for home goods?
I’m a total Maxxanista, but I’m probably equally obsessed with Home Goods, Target and IKEA!


To learn more about Kyle + her work (she specializes in bumps, babies, births, and now weddings) visit

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