Statement Earrings To Upgrade Your Everyday Look

Jewelry can be a tricky thing. A lot of people like to keep it simple and stick with the basics (studs or hoops, thin chains, or pendants), but more times than not, you want to try a bolder option but aren’t sure what to wear it with so you skip it. The answer? ANYTHING.

No, seriously. Especially earrings.

Just because it’s a statement piece doesn’t mean it has to be saved for a special occasion. That’s the fun thing about honing your personal style. You can mix and match whatever you own and easily make statement earrings wearable for everyday. The easiest way to do it is make it your focal piece. Whether the garments you wear are more structured or a little romantic and whimsical, if you’re easing into the trend, just keep the palette neutral so that you can go bolder with the jewelry (a fool-proof outfit is a crisp white shirt and skinny denim or trousers and heels). If you’re a mix master, get extra playful with your pieces while tying it all together with a common color. Have fun with it.

Here are a few statement earrings that will help you upgrade your everyday look.

Open Statement Circle Drop Earrings, $18.50

Geri Statement Hoop Earring, $18

Chain Fringe Chandelier Earrings, $11

Daisy Statement Drop Earring, $19.99

Pom Pom Duster Earring, $5.90



How do you wear your statement earrings?

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