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Beauty Buy | L.A. Colors Matte Liquid Lip Colors

I’ve been a fan of liquid lipsticks since they first launched, but paying $15-$23 a pop when you’re a fickle makeup junkie? Um, no. I’ll try just about any product, and I’m actually a really big fan of L.A. Colors’ lip products. They’re typically really pigmented, long lasting, and are super duper affordable. I recently grabbed some of their Matte Liquid Lip Colors ($2 a piece) and am OBSESSED.

(colors:  Sultry, Illusion, Fierce, Suede).

They’re creamy, deeply pigmented, and as long as you don’t put too many layers on (1-2 is more than enough), they will dry evenly, but won’t have that tight feeling that a lot of other liquid lipsticks have. There’s minimal transfer, and they last 4-5 hours without needing to touch up. At $2 a pop, you can afford to play with them without going broke. ┬áThis is the color Fierce.

They have a total of 5 shades right now, but I hope they come out with more. There’s another matte liquid lipstick collection that they have that’s popular (I own all of those as well), but I actually like these more because they’re a little more creamier.

I can’t find them online anywhere (they may have just launched), but I picked mine up from Family Dollar. You should also be able to find them at Beauty Supply Store that has a large collection of makeup.

Do you wear liquid lipsticks? What’s your favorite brand?

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