Learning the M.A.C. Technique

Last month I had the pleasure of attending a SS17 Trends makeup class taught by M.A.C. artists Shaka Diamante + Tony Denise from the Macy’s M.A.C. counter at Oak Court Mall.

It was a special class that everyone was excited about, because they usually only focus on skincare when they host classes in our region.  This time, they were able to do a combination of beauty and skincare, using both new and tried and true products from the line. There were product stations set up on the tables so that you could test out products during the class; we also had a copy of Miles of MAC by James Gager + Miles Aldridge, a book of famous campaigns over the years, to flip through.

Shaka kicked off the class with a skincare 101 course. His model was 18 with awesome skin so she didn’t need much, but I liked the fact that he explained the importance of hydration, exfoliation, and just developing a routine as a whole for YOUR skin type. He also built up her base (foundation, concealer, powder, contour) and explained how to do it in a natural way that’s great for everyday.

People love to recreate that “Instagram” beauty look, but for most, something simpler is best. You can still contour and play with a ton of different product, but you don’t have to cake it on in a way that makes you look like you’re ready for a scene on The Real House Wives. Layering the right products for your coverage needs (sheer, medium, full) will give you that flawless look without it being too heavy.  If you don’t like the feel of foundation but still want some coverage, BB Creams are the way to go.

Once he had her base set (he gave her a soft, cream contour using the new Studio QuikTrik Stick then set it with a powder), Tony took over, doing her eyes and lips.

She wanted a little drama, so she gave her soft brown smokey eye with a touch of green eyeliner. During the application, she explained how to make your eyes look bigger or smaller depending on shadow placement, and how to clean up your brows on days you don’t have time to pluck or wax (use concealer or foundation instead of shadow to keep it looking more natural).

My favorite insider trick, though? Do shadow cleanup with face powder! Most times, you’re told to use a cotton swap with a bit of makeup remove to fix any mishaps, but if you use your face powder and a small brush, you can diffuse shadow  + blush if it’s a bit too heavy for your liking without ruining the rest of your layers. If it looks or feels too powdery once you’re done, a few sprays of Fix+ will bring some hydration back into your skin.

To finish off her look, Shaka applied some custom-made lashes with a Swarovski crystal on the ends for a bit of sparkle, and instead of going the super bright + bold route, Tony gave her an updated nude lip.

The finished look:

Our gift boxes (how cute!)

It was an awesome class, and I hope they teach more like this soon!


What are your favorite M.A.C. products?

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