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MFDN Speakers Panel | Social Media

Last night I was one of the speakers for Memphis Fashion Design Network’s Social Media panel. Each week they hold panel discussions + workshops for designers, creatives, and other small business holders that are looking to grow/gain knowledge in areas related to business, branding, photography and social media.

Moderated by Addie McGowan (Social Media guru with Archer Malmo), I spoke along side Diana Sanders (Retail Digital Marketing Expert with Archer Malmo) and Holly Whitfield (Blogger for I Love Memphis). The goal of the discussion was to give insight on some of the tactics and goals that we’ve made for ourselves and our clients (respectively) so that we can get the most out of our favorite social media platforms (mine is Instagram, btw).

We had designers, students, bloggers, and small business owners in attendance, and with each of us approaching social media differently based on our “brands”, it was a lively discussion and hopefully, everyone that attended had a few takeaways.

We received questions prior to the event, so I wanted to share a few with you guys; feel free to ask questions in the comments or tell me your thoughts.

Where do you start with social media? How do you determine where to spend your time?
Figure out who your targeted audience is and your purpose for using a platform. Knowing who they are (and where they will be) should determine which one you should use. There are a ton to choose from, but you should only be on platforms that make sense for your brand.

How do you differentiate between your professional brand and personal life on social media?
Some people ARE their brand (bloggers, designers, etc.) so you can decide if you want to showcase your work separately or if it should all be shared under the same umbrella. No two brands are the same, so do what makes sense and doesn’t make you feel overwhelmed.

How do you differentiate yourself when there are so many fashion brands?
Your voice and how you handle your brand’s storytelling is what will differentiate you. Try to come from a place of authenticity, because THAT is what makes most people connect with you. Pay attention to the trends (because they’re trends for a reason) but make sure anything that you create/share makes sense for your brand.

How do you measure your own success?
What purpose will the platform serve for you? Is it to amplify your business or services, create conversations, or sell a product? Is it simply to inspire? Each should be treated differently, but it all goes back to what YOUR audience will need from you and even why they use those particular platforms. You want to make sure that your brand’s values and goals are aligned with what you are creating + sharing.

If you’re in Memphis, click here to see their calendar for upcoming panels. Tickets are only $10 for non-members!

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