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I absolutely love funky, stylish frames. I don’t need them, but I’ve always felt like they’re a fun way to express your personality no matter what your personal style is. Just because you have to wear glasses doesn’t mean you have to rock  basic, boring black and brown frames every day-there are so many different colors and styles to choose from, so you can treat them like your favorite baubles and switch it up whenever you want. The same goes with your sunglasses.

Eclectic Eye is the go to place in Memphis when you’re ready to step outside the box and try something a little more trendy with your frames. There are so many new hot styles out for Spring, so I popped in recently to chat with their team and try a few on:

Retro Inspired: KREWE  | Royal | Camellia + 18K Titanium

Whimsical: FRANCIS KLEIN | Bolivar  | Plastic

Elevated Chicness: MYKITA | Celia | Stainless Steel

Creative: MOSCOT | Lemtosh | Plastic

(celebs like Johnny Depp, Kanye West + Rashida Jones usually wear this style)

Cat-Eye Enthusiast: ANNE ET VALENTI | Felicity | Plastic

Total Fashionista: CHANEL | CH4219Q

(obviously, these were my FAVORITE, lol. They’re from the runway collection, which are usually only made for runway purposes only. )

Sassy Boheim: KREWE | Conti | Matte Opal Rose Gold Metal

Leopard Lover: FRANCIS KLEIN | Mabillion

What’s your favorite style?

Photos: Mink Retouching

Lindy, Rebecca and the rest of the Eclectic Eye team make trying on frames both a treat and a breeze so stop by one of their  locations to pick up a pair today!


This post was created in collaboration with Eclectic Eye. Follow them on Instagram to keep up with their new arrivals!

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