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#ShowYourWork | 2017 Memphis Fashion Week Campaign

I’ve been attending Memphis Fashion Week since 2013 (see the archives here), so it’s one of the highlights of my year. This year is a little different, though:  I’ll be front + center again for the blog, obviously, but also because I SHOT THE 2017 CAMPAIGN!!!

Over the last few months I posted a few BTS shots on Instagram, but I didn’t want to write about it until I received official campaign images. It’s still surreal to see the pictures from the campaign on posters around the city. I know (and learned a lot!) from most of the people that shot the previous years, so to have been asked to do this campaign was pretty legit. Being that I’m a blogger first, many people here still don’t consider me a “photographer”, however Abby Phillips, the founder of MFW, liked my work and took a chance on me.  I will forever be grateful.

And let me tell you: I almost backed out on doing it. I thought I wasn’t ready for something on this scale and kept second guessing myself, but after a few pep talks with my ace Ziggy (who shot last year’s campaign) and my friend + creative tribe member Andrea (who showed last year; one of her pieces was picked for the campaign!) I got over my fears and just did it.

Now, everything that could’ve gone wrong DID (including 90% of the RAW + JPEG files from the session got corrupted by a faulty card reader!!!) but we were able to work everything out and I’m pretty pleased with it. I learned a LOT (got a better card reader for one. Ha!) and it feels good to have it on my creative resume.

All of the official MFW fun starts next Wednesday (we’re having a private blogger event Monday and I’ll be sharing some BTS pics during that), so if you’re in or near Memphis, check it out!


Wednesday, April 5
Kick Off Party & Trunk Show at Memphis Fashion Design Network

Thursday, April 6
Chickasaw Oaks Preview Party with VIP Lounge and Nicole Miller Trunk Show

Friday April 7
Featured + Headlining Designer’s Runway Shows at Crosstown Concourse
Designers: Nicole Miller presented by Archer Malmo, Sloane Lenz (Austin, TX), Beg and Borrow Apparel (Memphis, TN) Sheila Jay (Memphis, TN)

Freeze Models: Trousseau, Joseph, Carriage Crossing Shops, Indigo, Sachi Memphis, Kittie Kyle, Eclectic Eye, Spruce presenting Brave Design

Saturday, April 8
Emerging Memphis Designer Project Shows at Memphis College of Art
Designers: Emerging Memphis Designer Project, Teen Collections, Singles Collections, Mini Collections, T I E N A

Freeze Models: Trousseau, Carriage Crossing Shops, Therapy, Indigo, Sachi Memphis, Eclectic Eye, Sugar Plum Consignment, The Ivory Closet

To purchase tickets, click here. Can’t attend the shows? No worries, I’ll be sharing recaps!

Stylish Frames | Eclectic Eye
Pink + Blue and a Pair of Booties Too

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