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The Importance of Creative Friendships

If you’re a blogger, creative/maker, or small business owner, having creative friendships (or what I like to call a creative tribe) are a must in this day and age. We cherish the support of regular friends + family for sure, but there’s something to be said about having friends who are on a journey that’s similar to your own.

It’s imperative to your growth, and here’s why:

They understand the randomness of your schedule + free time.
Whether you’re doing this full time or you’re still balancing it all as a side hustle, nine times out of ten your schedule is kiiiiiiinda jacked up. Any given day could be filled with client meetings, brainstorming sessions, photography work, picking up the kids from school, running from location to location for work, etc. You also have to try to find time to sleep, eat, and let your family know that yes, you are still alive. You’re exhausted, but you also love what you do, and those friends that are living similar lives totally understand if you can’t meet up for Sunday brunch when you have major deadlines looming. They help you realize that you’re not crazy or a bad person when you have 0 time for fun.

They help you flesh out ideas.
I have a small group of people who I talk to regularly about my plans with my blog and photography. Depending on what I’m dealing with, I reach out to one to flesh out my idea about something, whether it’s a workshop I want to do or new equipment I want to buy but am unsure about. They do the same with me. Sometimes you only have a sliver of an idea, but talking about it with that creative friend can help you process your thoughts, while also giving you genuine support and feedback about it. They won’t shut you down; instead, they’ll make you think things through before you launch something that you could possibly regret.

They’re accountability partners.
Still haven’t finished your website? Been talking about a course you want to launch but haven’t so much as started the document? Those creative friends are gonna get on your ass about it. Why? Because they’ve had those late night conversations with you about what you want to accomplish and know you well enough to know how you will act if you DON’T get down to business. They have no problem calling you out on your shit if 3 months have passed and you’re still talking about “wanting” to do something but have yet to make a move. Their honest feedback and accountability also pushes you to ask for help if that’s what’s been holding you back. They’re cheerleaders when they need to be, but they can also be that coach that’s gonna give you the real when you’re falling short and not sure why.

They serve as inspiration + motivation.
None of my creative friends do the same thing. There may be a little crossover here and there (some are blogger/designers, others are photographers/graphic designers, etc.), but for the most part, everyone has their own lane. And THAT is awesome. Each person finds inspiration in different ways, and we all share what we discover because we know that it could possibly unlock something in the other person’s brain and help get those creative juices flowing when they need it. We also watch each other push for some semblance of a work/life balance to help us figure out what will work in our own world too. You can’t beat that!

Do you have a creative tribe? How do you support each other? Share below!

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