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The Cap Campaign | Creative Empowerment

How confident are you in your creativity? Did you know that tuning into your creativity can help you to have a richer, fuller life? Creative Empowerment is something that I want people to have, and it’s what I’m promoting in The Ivory Closet’s Cap Campaign.


Memphis-based boutique The Ivory Closet launched a Campaign for Positivity this month with a few local bloggers, and each of us are sharing what we’d like to do impact (positive) change in our community (see it here).  Even if you’re not in Memphis, you too can be apart of #theiccampaign: when you go to order your hat, just pick a color + enter the 2 or 3 digit city code to be embroidered on your Campaign Cap. Boom!

The reason I choose Creative Empowerment is because I know first hand the change that can come when you hone into your creative skills.

I’ve always loved magazines and fashion, but it took years and a complete career change for me to get to a point where I was doing something within those realms and actually happy with what I was doing every day. Blogging helped me do that. I worked in Healthcare Management for 6 years, and while the money was awesome (seriously. It. Was. AWESOME.) I wasn’t really happy. I felt stifled creatively, and I felt like I was just going through the motions with everything I was doing, from what I wore, where I went for fun, even the guys I was dating. This blog gave me an outlet, not only for sharing my thoughts about beauty and fashion, but it also helped push me out of my creative comfort zone. It gave me an “excuse” to explore (you can share this with your readers!) and even to meet people, and it also helped me to grow in photography, which was initially just a hobby for me. It’s even allowed me to have workshops!

Having an outlet to use where you can express yourself can help you feel more comfortable trying that new recipe, taking a painting class, going on a cross-country trip on a train, even dining at the hottest new restaurant in your city solo dolo. Feeling empowered in your creativity helps you step out of the box and do things that YOU love without fear or judgement. Even if you’re the only one reading it, have fun and do you!

images: Jedda Photography

Blogging enriched my life in so many different ways; I’m able to use it  as my own personal space to express my creativity which in turn helps me to help others find their own. I will continue to use my workshops, services, and this platform to work with creatives, makers, small businesses and readers like you to help you discover and become your best selves. Let’s do this!


To order your own cap, click here.


What are you promoting in your city?

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