Tips on Dressing For Work in the Summer

When the heat is blazing outside, the last thing you want to worry about is keeping cool while getting dressed for work. There’s still time to plan what you’ll wear, so here’s a roundup of outfit options that will help you beat the heat.

Summer-Work-Outfit-IdeasWith Love From Kat

Silky trousers and tanks are summer essentials. Breathable fabrics keep you cool while still maintaining structure. If going sleeveless is a no-no in your office, then just keep a neutral cardigan or jacket there for those days when it’s too hot to travel in so many layers.

Summer-Work-Outfit-IdeasFash Boulevard

Feminine, ladylike skirts in bright colors or bold patterns are classics with a twist and will work in any office setting. Pair with cute woven flats or heels and simple silk blouses to make getting out the door easy peasy.


Summer-Work-Outfit-IdeasCupcakes + Cashmere

A slightly structured dress in a bold color or pattern paired with strong but classic accessories is a must-have. It will always work well on its own, but you can top it with a jacket or cardigan if it’s freezing in the office.

Summer-Work-Outfit-IdeasSong of Style

Working in a creative field like interior design or fashion design allows you to be more experimental with your shapes and silhouettes. Culottes, high heels, even strapless tops can be worn and no one will care (keep a blazer + flats in your car juuuuuuust in case, though). Softer palettes keep the look editorial but not over-the-top.


Swing dresses in bright, poppy colors are go-tos for Casual Fridays in a not-so-casual office setting. Neutral shoes and accessories complete the look.

Summer-Work-Outfit-IdeasHello Fashion

A little black dress and killer heels work on days when you don’t even want to think about what to wear. Add statement jewelry or a blazer to spiff it up, or swap out heels for flats and a pendant necklace to keep it easy and sweet.

Keep your Summer wardrobe stocked with versatile pieces in quality, breathable fabrics and getting dressed will be a breeze all season long.

How do you dress for work in the Summer?

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