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I’m obsessed with redecorating my apt now. I’m in a good place financially to truly start planning and investing in new furniture and decor, so I’m in heavy inspiration mode.

When I first moved out on my own, I invested in some great starter furniture: the pieces were neutral and on the smaller side, so I had room to play around with placement. But as much as I love my couch because it’s soooo comfortable, it’s time to upgrade.

I’m pinning like crazy on Pinterest; because of the way that my living room is shaped (it’s rectangular and connected to my “dining room” aka one long room), I have a little versatility with how I can place my furniture. I don’t have a dining table (I hardly ever have people over so I use the space to style photos instead), so I want to create a little reading nook for myself. I have a running list of things of things I need (lamps, new rug, new canvases for the wall (maybe DIY?) and a window treatment (possibly light blocking curtains for those days when I want it to be extra dark + cozy) and I’m excited to get the ball rolling.

I’m still gonna be on the neutral side, but I’ve found some cool inspiration for what I want. Regardless of the type of chair I get, it’s obvious I need a sheepskin rug and/or decorative pillow, a floor lamp, and a big plant, lol.

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How would you decorate your reading nook?

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    • Kim Thomas

      Thanks! I feel like we get so used to having a traditional setup at home sometimes that we forget about the possibilities our spaces REALLY give us. I can’t wait til it all comes together!

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