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8 Things To Toss Today

Can you believe that it’s the 2nd part of the year already??? I swear, 2017 is flying by, and as I try to get more organized so that I can better balance my hectic schedule, I’m wanting to declutter even more that usual because it will help cut down on cleaning time.

If you’re in the same place that I’m in (not quite a minimalist but you definitely don’t want to become a hoarder), here are 8 different things you can toss today to help you get started.

Old Magazines
I’ve been collecting magazines since I was a teenager, but now that I can make my own tear books, it’s time to let these old issues go. Cut out my favorite looks/editorials, then take the rest to a recycling center.

Expired/Unused Makeup + Skincare/Haircare Products
I buy and test out soooo many makeup, skincare and haircare products that I could go a full year without buying ANYTHING new and be good. It’s fun because I discover new products but it can take up space if I don’t like it. If the products are still good but gently used, they can be donated to a women’s shelter or charity. If it’s gone bad or there’s like, a drop of product left in the bottle, it’s time to let it go.

Junk Mail
Try as I might, I continue to get junk mail on the daily. Instead of trashing or recycling immediately, I stick it in a drawer or corner somewhere and again, it just takes up space. I hardly ever use coupons anyway, so there’s really no point in keeping it.

Worn/Damaged Shoes, Clothing + Towels
This is so hard to do. When you have something you love, you don’t want to give it away, even when it’s waaaay past its prime. If it’s not an item that can be repaired or worn if cleaned/sent to dry cleaning, let it go.

Ticket Stubs, Invitations, and Postcards
We hold on to these things because of fun memories, but do we really need to keep them? If the answer is yes, create a memory box or scrapbook so that they can be filed away, or round them up and and take them to a recycling bin.

Business Cards
We’re living in a digital world, so there’s no need to keep 50 million business cards around (and have you ever even called them??) Add the info of the people whose contact you really need to keep and toss the physical cards.

Old Planners + Notebooks
Unless you’re using them for photo props, there’s no reason to still have a planner in your possession from 2011.

Random Chargers, Cables and Phone Cases
We all have that drawer filled with old chargers, phone cases and cables. It’s time to let them go, yall. Pull out any that you can actually use and get rid of the rest.

It’s a struggle, but the more you get into the habit of tossing things you DON’T need, the easier it’ll be to keep a clean, organized home.

Do you have any easy organizational tips?


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