The Gypsy Fawn Jewelry Collection

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I’ve always felt like you meet people for a reason, and that those meetings can sometimes kickoff a chain of events that can change your life. As you guys know, I started working with CrazyBeautiful last Spring, and I’ve always been a fan of the The Gypsy Fawn, an independent jewelry line that we carry. We’d been wanting to get Ashley Massey, the designer, in for a trunk show, so when we planned our Festival Party in May, we knew it would be the perfect event to have her in.

The Gypsy Fawn Jewelry Collection

Ashley and her mom came down (they live outside of Nashville), and she was just as cool as I knew she’d be. Obsessing over her makeup, we started talking beauty, and during the process, she complimented me on the photos that I’d been taking for the boutique. When we talked about where they were staying (a super cute Air BnB about 5 minutes away from the store) she asked if I’d be interested in doing a shoot because the place totally fit her brand’s vibe.

The Gypsy Fawn Jewelry Collection

My answer was um, yeah! lol. While I shoot lookbooks for the store, this would be a little different for me because of the setting; Ashley was exactly the type of client that I wanted to have, and I knew this would help me “prove” that I could work with smaller brands + creatives in this capacity. We discussed rates, start time and potential models, and thankfully, the stars aligned so that we could shoot with Margaret, who was coincidentally moving out of the country in like, 3 days (and who I wanted to get one last shoot with anyway).

The Gypsy Fawn Jewelry Collection

Excited, I got permission from Erika (CB’s owner), to do a pull from there and Stock + Belle (their other boutique) and hit the ground running once I got off work that day. We met the next morning and everything was absolutely perfect. The Air BnB was so cozy, and Ashley loved the pieces I pulled, so we reviewed all of the looks first and started the fun.

The Gypsy Fawn Jewelry Collection The Gypsy Fawn Jewelry Collection

We listened to the soundtrack from the movie The Graduate and Elton John throughout the morning; it was a very organic, laid-back shoot. I’m never hi-strung on shoots (you can always delete a photo if it isn’t good!), so we were able to talk and laugh and be silly while still getting work done.

The Gypsy Fawn Jewelry Collection The Gypsy Fawn Jewelry Collection The Gypsy Fawn Jewelry CollectionWe collaborated on styling and staging, because I wanted Ashley to really love the images that she was going to receive. It’s more than just a business, it’s a passion project for her as well, so I wanted her to be fully connected to the creative process. She loved the photos, and I get geeked every time she shares one. We made magic that day, and are planning to do it again in the Fall!

The Gypsy Fawn Jewelry Collection

If you’d like to see more of Ashley’s designs (and to shop!), visit This post is filled with some of my favorite images from the session but there are way more on the site.

The Gypsy Fawn Jewelry CollectionThe Gypsy Fawn Jewelry Collection

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