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Lifestyle Content Ideas For Your Small Biz or Brand

Coming up with fresh content ideas can be hard sometimes, especially if you have a small biz or brand. You want to always scream about your brand from the rooftops, but if every post you put on your blog or social media is JUST about your product/service, it can start to become a little redundant (aka boring to your readers and followers). UNLESS….you learn how to create what is called “Lifestyle Content”.

Lifestyle Content allows you to not only talk about your product or service, but you can then delve into different topics in a way that’s interesting and cool (using storytelling), while still being true to your brand. Storytelling is a powerful tool because when people feel a connection to your brand beyond the awesomeness of your product or service, they want to root for you. Even if it’s something that they may not personally need themselves, they’ll be more inclined to share your business/brand info because they understand it and believe in it.

If you’re not sure where or how to start creating lifestyle content, no worries. Here are 4 simple content ideas for your small business or brand (plus a few brands doing it well!).

People love, love, LOVE to get behind the scenes snapshots of your blog, business, brand, whatever! Share your day to day tasks, brainstorming meetings in a coffee shop, or even what goes into creating a product (even seeing the setup for your branded photoshoot is interesting). This is one of the reasons people are connecting to Instagram stories so much now. If you’re able to show the behind the scenes of your operation and do it in a way that is stylish but still feels authentic, both your targeted demographic and casual follower will enjoy what you do and be more inclined to support whatever it is you’ve created.

Shooting client content all day like 📸📸📸 #sparklesquad (ph: @blushwedphotos)

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I’ve been following Sparkle Media for a few years, and the owner has done a fantastic job sharing her client’s products while also giving us sneak peeks into her creative process.

On-Brand/Product Content with Original Photography
This takes a little more planning and strategy, but creating content around your product/services beyond the simple product shot or studio headshot is cool. If people can picture themselves using your product or growing their business because of the services you offer, they’re in. I shoot for boutiques and bloggers, and people prefer seeing clothing on people vs. a mannequin or even a flatlay. Find cool locations for your headshots, and when shooting actual products, including flowers, sparkly or marble paper, and even makeup can elevate the shot.

Sunday things

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I haven’t been following Kosås Cosmetics very long but I was instantly obsessed with their feed and am planning to purchase a few lipsticks from them this Fall.

Inspirational Content
What inspires you to do what you do? Quotes, cool pictures (source credited of course), how you like to travel and other things that motivate you to do what you do are fun things to share. Try to keep the images on brand as much as possible via color palette/style so that your aesthetic remains cohesive but sharing that allows your audience to connect with you on a deeper level.

The pink room. ❤️ London today.

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You know that Glossier pink as soon as you see it. Their feed is a mixture of product, inspiration, user generated content, and branded photoshoots.

Expertise/Tips For Your Field
Have you created a process to help you get through your tasks more efficiently? Have you learned an editing trick to make your photos look amazing? If so, share it! Sometimes people fear sharing their knowledge because they think it means that people won’t hire them but trust me, it’s actually the opposite! If I can learn from you, I’m more likely to trust what you say/do and will be quicker to support your business.

Think Creative Collective are Infopreneurs-their business was created to help creative entrepreneurs. They are AAAAAAALWAYS sharing tips and tricks for business, social media and marketing, either on their actual IG account, their blog, or their Podcast. They have programs for sale, but they give away so much free content so you know you can trust them.


never met a denim shirt I didn’t like

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Beckley & Co also does a good job of doing this. Rebecca has found a neat way to share her photography work (she shoots bloggers, weddings and branded content-the photos within this post are actually from her stock photography business) so that you understand HER brand as well. She also shares photography tips from time to time.

There are so many ways you can create content to market your brand. You just have to be open and do a little planning!

What kind of content do you like to create?

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Thank you for reading-your comments are appreciated!

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