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3 Questions To Help You Redefine Your Blog’s Target Audience

Being a blogger means you put out and consume a LOT of content, but over time that can put a strain on your creativity and how you develop content on your own. You’re churning out posts but after awhile, things can feel muddled and you start posting just for the sake of posting, not knowing if it’s actually what your readers like. Competition is healthy (I wrote about why I’m fine with blog comparison here), and it’s smart to keep up with trends, however, you still have to keep YOUR audience front and center. That can be difficult when you don’t know exactly who you’re creating for anymore.


Whether you’re new to blogging or you’ve been writing for awhile but have found yourself in a rut, here are 3 questions to help you refocus and redefine your blog’s target audience (so that you can be inspired again!)

Who is your reader and what do they like to do?
First things first: who are you blogging for? “Everyone” is not an option. Anyone can read your blog, but when you’re creating content, you should have a core audience in mind. Give your targeted reader a name, age, occupation, lifestyle background, even get so specific that you know the types of food that they like to eat. Once you clarify this, you can brainstorm on post ideas.

How can you help them?
Why do you read your favorite blog? Is it because of their style? Recipes? You get inspiration from their decor roundups that they post? Yes, our blogs are creative outlets for ourselves, but why do we want other people to read it? We should want our audience to get something from our blog, so the content should be inspirational, aspirational, or informative.

What makes your blog different?
Thousands of blogs pop up every day, but thankfully, a lot of them aren’t that great and are carbon copies of one another. Your unique perspective is what makes you stand out in the crowd, so hone in on what makes you special and inject it into the work that you create. You’re creating content for your chosen audience, yes, but it should still be authentically you. Even if you’re just highlighting a favorite local coffee shop, for example, including why you personally love it and maybe adding in a cool picture or two will make your post that much more interesting. Not only is it refreshing to read, but making your content unique will draw the right readers in (and hopefully brands) and keep them coming back for more.


Do you know your targeted audience is?

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