ColorPop // Light Layers + Denim

You know how you can be on the hunt for something specific but get completely distracted by something else? That’s what happened with me when I saw this sweater.

I’d popped into Banana Republic specifically looking for a lightweight black sweater, but when I saw this pretty orchid hue, I made a beeline for it and almost ran to the dressing room to try it on. It’s one of the comfiest sweaters I have ever owned, and I love that it’s loose enough that I could get a little preppy with it and layer it over a button down, but it still has a bit of shape to it that I can wear it alone and it doesn’t look or feel oversized.


Yall know that I love scarves, so I decided to keep on adding in the color and pulled out a floral one I found last year at a wholesale market. It was an easy way for me to do a little print mixing with my striped button up from H&M.


While going through my bin with clothes + shoes from my stylist days, I found these heels from Aldo (similar here) that I’d only worn twice! They’re cute but not the comfiest, so they Fall under the category of shoes that you wear when you’re going somewhere to sit down, lol. The color combination worked out perfectly.


Photos: Keara Suckra

While the color did distract me, I went back and got it in black as well because hey, that was my whole reason for going into the store (see, I can stay focused, lol).  For some reason it’s not listed online, but if you go into a BR store, you’ll find it in this shade, black, heather grey and more. It may be near the tees as well.

Would you wear this color?

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