Velvet Blazer Floral Tee

Velvet Ablaze(r)

You guys know that I love the look of velvet blazers (wrote about them here) so it was a happy day when I finally got mine. I knew this wine colored blazer from Old Navy would be a must-have for the holidays, but it’s just a cool piece period so I can wear it all season long.

Velvet Blazer Floral Tee

Velvet Blazer Floral Tee

I ventured away from my normal Old Navy denim and nabbed these frayed hem ones from the Loft. They’re button front and come up just a tinch higher so they hold it all in. They’re also ankle length which is what I needed, so they’ve been in heavy rotation.

Velvet Blazer Floral Tee


Velvet Blazer Floral Tee

Dark florals rein supreme, and this fun floral top from H+M also has ruffles on the sleeves, so it’ll still make a statement on its own.

Velvet Blazer Floral Tee

These booties are last season from Old Navy but they’ve held up quite well and are actually comfy. I hadn’t worn them since last Winter and when I pulled them out I was like whyyyy have I not been wearing them? Bag is from Old Navy too (seriously. Their accessories look luxe but are very, very affordable. Don’t sleep on them!)

Velvet Blazer Floral Teephotos: Keara Suckra

These sunnies from H+M make me feel British. Don’t ask me why!


Do you own a velvet blazer?

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