Bell Sleeve Lace Dress
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Blue Lace Dress | 3 Ideas For Girl’s Night

Date nights and spending time alone are always fun, but I’m looking forward to getting out more with my girls for some GNO antics. I don’t have a huge circle of friends but the ones I know are pretty cool, so whenever our busy schedules allow, I have a few ideas on how we can spend that time together.

Bell Sleeve Lace Dress

Dindin is always a go
It seems like a new restaurant or bar popped up almost every week in Memphis this year (seriously, I literally just learned about one as I was scrolling someone’s IG Stories) which means we have some catching up to do! Catherine & Mary’s, Oshi Asian Kitchen, and Carolina Watershed are high on my list. None of my friends are too picky when it comes to food, so we have a ton of exploring to do together. I’m all for getting dressed up in a fly dress (like this pretty lace number from Lane Bryant) and stepping out on the town for a few hours!

Bell Sleeve Lace Dress

Bell Sleeve Lace Dress

Ok, so technically it’s not GNO because it requires a little travel, BUT, we live less than 4 hours away from Nashville, Little Rock, St. Louis, and Birmingham. It would be nothing to leave early one morning and travel to one of these cities for a concert, play, dinner, and/or just to explore for a few hours then come back home. The drive there alone would be hilarious, and who says GNO has to take place in your city?!

Bell Sleeve Lace Dress

Bell Sleeve Lace Dress

Adult Slumber Party
Right before my birthday, my boss rented an Air B&B so that the entire team at the boutique could do a little “bonding” and watch the Victoria Secret Fashion Show. There were 7 of us and we each brought snacks, cocktails and even face masks and had a ball giggling all night long. Even though we all had work in the morning, we stayed up waaaay past 2 a.m. but none of us were grouchy when we got up that morning for breakfast. It was a fun way to recharge, so more slumber parties with my girls is a must!

Living with more intention has been a life shift for me, so my goal is to make time with friends and family really count. The focus is on building real memories (not just capturing it for the ‘gram), and if we make time for each other, we can only make our lives and experiences that much more richer.

What are your favorite things to do for Girl’s Night?

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