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Finding Empowerment Through Personal Style

I’m a tomboy at heart. I played with dolls and everything as a kid, but I also loved getting dirty outside with my brothers, flipping out of swings and throwing a football around. I was drawn to makeup almost immediately, but when it came to clothes and fashion? Not so much.

While all the girls where showing off their frilly dresses, I was sneaking into my older brother Kevin’s closet to wear his shirts to school once he left. I had a slightly warped viewpoint of “feminine” clothes (probably because I didn’t really care for the girls that dressed this way), and it wasn’t until I reached high-school that I started really experimenting with what I wore and stepping out of the tomboy zone. There were some sartorial mishaps for sure (lord no one needs to see those photos, lol), but as I got older, I started to figure out what I liked and understood the power that comes with really honing in on your personal style.

Now, feeling empowered through your personal style doesn’t mean being decked to the nines 24/7 or even wearing designer labels-having your own personal style is much more than that. It means being confident in the choices that you make every time you get dressed, and not being afraid to wear what you love even if it isn’t the latest trend or the most expensive. It also means wearing what makes you happy regardless of what size you are, your age, and even your economic background.

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At some point, caring about fashion got a bad rap, as if it was too frivolous, but considering it’s a billion dollar industry, I’d say there’s a valid reason behind why some of us love it so much. There’s nothing quite like finding a pair of jeans that hugs your curves just right, or stumbling upon the perfect dress to wear to your old college roommate’s wedding. There’s even a little thrill that comes from finding a great fitting bra that you can wear everyday (like the seamless bras from Knixwear). When your clothes fit properly and you love what you wearing, you exude an extra level of confidence that no one can take from you. You’re happy in your skin (and should find time to snap a selfie or 2!).

If you’ve been struggling with figuring out your own personal style, here’s an easy way to get started:

    • Make a list of friends, celebs, bloggers, etc. who have style that you love. Write down what you like about each one’s style.
    • Based on your above list, curate about 15-25 pictures of outfits that you would love to see in your own closet (Pinterest is awesome for this).
    • Look for recurring items (skinny denim, statement earrings, silver mules, etc) and then make 2 lists: one of what you already own – shop your closet! –  and one of what you need in order to recreate those looks.

It may take you a little while to do everything, but that’s why fashion is so fun. Style is a form of storytelling, and each person has their own unique voice-make sure yours has something to say!

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