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I ordered my first pair of Quay Australia sunnies back in December and I was instantly OBSESSED. Normally I just get sunnies from Target or Old Navy, so these are a bit more expensive but they’re not crazy high so I feel comfortable investing in a few more pairs. Quaneshia, my friend, fellow blogger and photography client, has a pair that I want to steal every time we shoot, lol, so it made me check them out and I’m quite happy with my purchase.

Quay Australia Sunglasses

The brands been around for over 12 years, and is geared towards both the effortlessly cool it girl, and the over-the-top style maven. They’re also one of the few brands to collaborate with influencers (the QuayxDesi collection is super hot right now), so just from a branding perspective, I like that they “get it”.

Quay Eyewear x Desi Perkins High Key Sunglasses

The price point is fair (frames start around $50 + you can find them on sale as well around the web) and the quality is nice, so you can upgrade your shade game without breaking the bank.

I love the shape of the Muse Fade and want to get them in an additional colorway, but here’s a round up of some cute options just in case you’re on the hunt for a new pair as well.

Quay x Desi High Key Aviator Sunglasses, 56mmQuay x Desi High Key Aviator Sunglasses, 56mm, $65

Quay Australia x Desi Perkins 'High Key' 62mm Aviator SunglassesQuay Australia x Desi Perkins ‘High Key’ 62mm Aviator Sunglasses, $65

Quay Star Gaze Rectangle SunglassesQuay Star Gaze Rectangle Sunglasses, $28

Quay Australia Living Large 60mm Mirrored Aviator SunglassesQuay Australia Living Large 60mm Mirrored Aviator Sunglasses, $60

QUAY AUSTRALIA Women's Outside Squad Round SunglassesQUAY AUSTRALIA Women’s Outside Squad Round Sunglasses, $20

Quay Australia 'Running Riot' 58mm Aviator SunglassesQuay Australia ‘Running Riot’ 58mm Aviator Sunglasses, $55

Quay Australia Muse Fade SunglassesQuay Australia Muse Fade Sunglasses, $17

Quay Australia 'Needing Fame' 65mm Aviator SunglassesQuay Australia ‘Needing Fame’ 65mm Aviator Sunglasses, $55

Quay Eyewear Muse Fade SunglassesQuay Eyewear Muse Fade Sunglasses, $60

Quay Mod Star Round Sunglasses, 50mmQuay Mod Star Round Sunglasses, 50mm, $50

Do you own any Quay Australia sunnies?

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