Floral kimono and thigh high boots trend

Floral Kimono + Thigh High Boots

I’ve always liked the look of thigh high boots but never owned any for myself til I picked up this pair last November from local boutique Southern Muse. I wasn’t sure if the style would look right on me since I’m so short, but as soon as I tried them on I knew I had to take them home. My only disappointment? The wine color is a little harder to style with what I already own, so I don’t get to wear them as much as I would like.

Floral kimono and thigh high boots trend

The lower, square heel is what made the trendy boot wearable for me. I’ve tried some on with a higher heel and pointed toe but I can’t bear to get them because I know I wouldn’t last long in them. The style is saucy, but the more rounded toe coupled with the heel height is what makes them so wearable for day. I love wearing them with skinny denim (like I did here with one of my favorite floral kimono find from Target), but if I wanted to wear them with a skirt or dress, it would work as well.

Floral kimono and thigh high boots trend

Floral kimono and thigh high boots trend

Speaking of kimonos, they come through in the clutch on the days when you have no clue what to wear and/or are short on time. You can wear them with literally everything and style them so many different ways. This one was 2 sizes too big but I loved the pattern and went with it anyway. I almost belted it this day but ran out of the house without the belt so maybe next time. It’s designed to have a drapey fit, so it still works.


If you’re ever headed to dinner and need something to add a little drama to your look, seriously consider wearing a kimono. They’re perfect for so many occasions.

Do you own any kimonos or thigh high boots?

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