Fashion Gaps // What’s Missing From Your Wardrobe?

We all periodically have issues when picking out what to wear, but if you get photographed regularly for your blog, eventually you get to a point where you REALLY notice what your closet is missing. When you’re in a rush to get dressed but want to switch up your look, those moments in between grabbing your tried + true faves and walking out the door slightly irritated by what you’re wearing are when it hits you that you may have a few fashion gaps.

Now, this doesn’t mean that you have (or SHOULD) buy yourself a whole new wardrobe. Like, I love to shop and take style photos for my blog but I actually wear my clothes IRL and aren’t one of those people that do one and done outfits-my budget does not allow me to live that way, lol. I love playing with fashion, and this blog allows me to go to many more events than I normally would, so now it’s dawning on me more and more what I need to add to my closet:

  • a navy blazer
  • a cream blazer (I have a dressier one but I want one that’s cotton.
  • a tan trench coat.
  • striped pants.
  • black/cream/navy/red tank or shell (preferably a sateen/cotton so that it can be dressed up or down).
  • a cropped denim jacket.
  • pointed toe black ankle leather boots.
  • brown/tan flat desert boots.
  • kelly green or red trousers.
  • white lace duster/kimono
  • black joggers
  • new black and nude pointed toe heels
  • more statement jewelry

My style is classic with a twist (as you can see, I have on a black sweater, flared denim and embroidered booties), so I don’t want a ton of crazy things, but if I want to play around with trends, I need to add in a few of these pieces to be able to do so at the drop of a dime.


What items are you missing from your closet?


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Thank you for reading-your comments are appreciated!

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