Black + white maxi dress

Spring Go-To //Patterned Maxi

So last week I had the pleasure of working on a special project with a few other bloggers (can’t share just yet!) and when I was getting my wardrobe together for it, I knew that I had to throw in at least one maxi dress. I LIVE in dresses during the warmer months (they’re so versatile and easy to style), and I nabbed this cute patterned one from Stock + Belle. It will transition perfectly for Spring.

Black + white maxi dress

I used to think that I was too short for maxis, but really, it was just about finding the right ones. I wouldn’t wear this during the blazing hot summer because I’d pass out, but it’s a great transitional piece. For the project I’m wearing a black cardigan over it, but I really wanted you guys to see the cut and sleeves. It’s heavy enough that I wasn’t freezing, but light enough that I would be fine in the sun (there’s also a small cutout in the back).

Black + white maxi dress

As you guys know, I love hats, so I paired it with a black fedora (the secret to these is to get one with a firm brim. I swear it makes a difference, especially in photos) cool sunnies and mules so that it would keep the more boho vibe.

Black + white maxi dress

Black + white maxi dress

I need another leather jacket (the one that I have is moreso a bomber vs moto style) so that I can go for a more edgy look. Pieces that I can wear at least 3 different ways are a must!

Do you own any maxi dresses?

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