L' BRI Pure N Natural Skincare System
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L’BRI Pure N’ Natural Skincare Program

Now that I’m in my 30’s, I’m always tinkering with my skincare routine. The steps pretty much stay the same (cleanse, tone, moisturize, exfoliate, etc.) but I do like testing out new products here and there so that I can keep my skin looking healthy and fresh. I received some products from L’BRI Pure N’ Natural, a natural based skincare + product line to test out (and hopefully find a few products to mix into my routine).

L' BRI Pure N Natural Skincare System

The products are aloe vera based, paraben free, and don’t contain any artificial colors or fragrances, mineral oil or waxes. They have a full range of products, and while I’ve never necessarily been concerned with using “natural” products, I was excited to try them out. I received:

L' BRI Pure N Natural Skincare System

  • Deep Pore Cleanser (Removes all traces of makeup, pore-clogging oils and environmental pollutants from the skin.) I usually prefer foaming cleaners but I was quite impressed with this one. It’s gel based and feels cool to the skin, and I found that when I washed twice with it, it indeed removes all makeup (even waterproof mascara) without making skin feel tight or dry.
  • Gentle Freshener (Refines pores and improves circulation without stripping away needed moisture.) This reminded me of a rose water spray/toner mix. After cleansing, I would apply this; instructions say to apply to a cotton pad first, but I preferred spraying it directly onto skin and then wiping away any remnants from skin.
  • Gentle Moisture Lotion (A nourishing, hydrating lotion that replenishes and protects the skin against moisture loss, and minimizes the appearance of fine lines). I’m combination oily but I make sure that I moisturize and hydrate my skin and this is an excellent every day lotion. It’s very light weight, so initially I thought that it was like any other lotion but your skin is crazy soft and feels really hydrated. For it to be so lightweight, a little goes a long way.
  • Facial Masque (Tightens, tones, aids in clearing blemishes, and helps to exfoliates dead skin cells.) So this dries fast. SUPER FAST. I see why it’s called a non-surgical face lift-I could barely talk when I used it, lol. Skin is taunt, honey, lol, but it makes your skin look brighter, feels softer and tighter.

L' BRI Pure N Natural Skincare System

  • Intense Eye Repair Cream (Significantly improves wrinkles, skin texture and crepiness.) An AMAZING eye cream. Under my eyes gets so dry, but this rich cream helped; I could see the difference when I applied concealer on days that I didn’t use it. Use it morning and night for best results.
  • High Antioxidant Night Repair Treatment (It stimulates collagen production, firms and strengthens skin). Because of the color, I consider it liquid gold. My biggest skin issue right now is texture and dullness and I like how this brightens and softens.
  • Rejuvenating Facial Peel (Helps to dramatically improve skin tone, clarity and texture for a healthy, vibrant complexion.) By far my favorite product out of everything! Remember the rubber glue that we used in school and would put on our hands to let dry and then rub to peel off (I know I’m not the only one that did this!!!) This reminded me of that. You only leave it on for up to a minute but once you massage it in and see the little beads your’re kinda shocked. It doesn’t completely dry, however, so once you rinse your face your skin feels hydrated. You can use it on other parts of your body too, which is a plus.
  • Neck Firming Cream (works to restore youthful tone and definition; exclusively for the neck and chest area). Last Summer was the first time I noticed a difference in my skin in this area (I wasn’t applying sunscreen) and I’ve definitely seen some improvement here. Your hands, neck, and chest show your age more than any other area so keep it moisturized!

All in all, I would recommend this line. Some of the products may be a little more expensive, but the aloe vera base makes it safer for a lot of different skin types, and I liked the results that I received from using them for over the last six weeks. If you have questions about the product, contact the Tamra Martin, the consultant that I worked with by clicking here

Have you ever tried L’BRI Pure N’ Natural? What’s your current skincare regime?

This post was sponsored, but all views and opinions are of course my own.

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