Floral Kimono Blush Dress

Memphis Nights // Floral Kimono + Blush Dress

There’s nothing like Downtown Memphis at night during Spring. There’s an amazing breeze that comes off of the river, and when you’re hanging out with good friends, the night comes alive under the soft city lights.

Floral Kimono Blush Dress

I attended a restaurant preview last week, and with it being in the low 70s, I knew I had to break out one of my favorite looks: a fun, floral kimono layered over a simple yet girlie ruffle tier dress. I have a bad habit of buying clothes and holding them for weeks, sometimes months before I wear them, which doesn’t bode well for a fashion blogger (because what would I link to?? *sarcasm*), but IRL means that if I play my cards right, I’ll usually have something cute to wear even when it’s a last minute decision.

I loved the shape of this bridesmaid dress so much that I bought it in 2 colors (black + blush), and this kimono is a fave that I wear with anything. I was dining at a steakhouse and knew he (my friend Michael) would be wearing a blazer, so our looks were complimentary to each other. Whether you’re going out with you beau or just a friend, you want to make sure that you’re all on the same style wave length, you know? I felt super pretty that night and received a few sweet compliments. If you look at the first photo hard enough, you can start to hear the SATC closing credits music playing. Ha!

Floral Kimono Blush Dress

Floral Kimono Blush Dress

Floral Kimono Blush Dress

If you keep these 2 items on deck at all times, you’ll never have nothing to wear. My favorite place to find my kimonos are at Target, but depending on your budget (and whether or not you’re impatient like me and have a hard time shopping online), you can find a cute one anywhere. And if you ever find yourself nervous about it being too overpowering for your frame? Size down (sometimes twice), and/or belt it. You honestly can’t go wrong.  🙂

photos:  Incelebstyle

How many kimonos do you own?

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