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Recipe Roundup | Summer Cocktails

Patio Season is upon us! Things are coming together enough in life that I’m really hoping to get back to entertaining with friends on the weekends at home. I miss cooking regularly ( I used to have friends over for an early Sunday dinner and we’d watch movies and talk shop about life and dating) , and I really want to try my hand at making some of the cocktail recipes I’ve come across recently. Going out is fun, but the conversations and connections are always a little bit different when you can do them at home, no?

Anyhoo, my go-to drink when I’m out is a jack and coke, however, I sometimes crave fruity drinks, and if I go to an event where there are craft cocktails for the night, I’ll typically go for the one that’s a little more citrusy. Basically, I love a good cocktail and I need to get my bartending skills up. Ha!

Anyway, in case you’re planning to do some hosting of your own, here’s some yummy recipes I’ve arounded up from around the web.

Frozen Negroni RecipeFrozen Negroni

Grapefruit Rosemary FizzGrapefruit Rosemary Fizz

Skinny-Sparkling-Blueberry-MojitoSkinny Sparkling Blueberry Mojito

Fennel, Black Pepper, & Grapefruit Gin & TonicFennel, Black Pepper, & Grapefruit Gin & Tonic

bourbon + spiced pear cocktailBourbon + Spiced Pear Cocktail

Blood Orange Gose MargaritaBlood Orange Gose Margarita

Elderflower Spanish Gin & TonicsElderflower Spanish Gin & Tonics

Naughty Or Nice Ginger LemonadeNaughty Or Nice Ginger Lemonade

Do you host friends at home? What’s your favorite cocktail to make?

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