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Verbally Effective | My First Podcast Interview!

Hey peeps! I’m so excited to share my first podcast interview! Last week I interviewed with Ena Esco (one of Memphis’ most well-known radio broadcasters) on her podcast Verbally Effective, where we discussed blogging in Memphis, celebrity and influencer impact on fashion and more.


I’ve been blogging now for almost 8 years, so it felt good to give a little insight on my background, how I got into blogging, and how it has evolved over the years. I give a few tips for newbie bloggers, and I also talk a bit about the Social Media numbers game that so many are caught up in now (and what to focus on instead). Check out Episode 25 now!


Be sure to subscribe to Verbally Effective on Soundcloud or Itunes. Thanks so much for having me Ena!

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