Floral Blouse Distressed Denim

Dark Floral Obsession

I seriously cannot get enough of dark florals. I’m a fan of floral patterns in general, but it’s something about the designs that tip over to the dark side that really catch my eye. I knew I had to have this H&M floral blouse the moment I saw it (if it didn’t work I would have legit cried), and one of my favorite pairings for dressier fabrics like this is with distressed denim.

Floral Blouse Distressed Denim

I’ve been living in these BR Factory girlfriend jeans for months (if they ever stop making or change this fit we will FIGHT), so much so that I reach for them more than I do my regular skinnies. I can’t pull off the mom jeans trends (well, I haven’t found a pair yet that will allow me to), so girlfriend/boyfriend cuts are the next best thing.

Floral Blouse Distressed DenimTop | Denim | Sandals | Necklace

I could never go full on relaxed again (I lived through this trend in the 90s as a tomboy and all of those photos must be burned) but these are comfy yet still cuff your butt and thighs enough so that you don’t feel like a blob.

Floral Blouse Distressed Denim

Floral Blouse Distressed Denim

I honestly love this top so much because it feels like a dressy tee. I liked that the sleeves were cut a little bit longer and that it’s not sooo long. So many tops are cut for tall people and completely overpower me. This one was just right.

Do you like dark florals?

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