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Decorating Tips for a Small Living Space

Whether in an apartment or a home, one of the hardest things to do when decorating is figuring out how to do so when the space is on the smaller side. You don’t want to over-pack it with furniture or chotskies, but you also don’t want it to look like you live in an empty, boring box. I’ve been in the process of decorating my apartment for a while now (don’t ask me how long, just know it’s been a while, lol), and in during research, I’ve found that there are certain decorating tips that will always come into play. We all like different aesthetics, but if something works, it just works!

If you’ve found yourself in a decorating rut because of the size of your living space, here are a few tips to remember.


Less is more
If you’ve moved a few times or have been gifted furniture and decor, you might want to try to put everything on display, but that’s really not necessary anymore. Take a moment to sort through what you have to ensure that it makes sense in the room that you have it in. If it doesn’t work, just box it up and save it. It’s better to only have a few things out that look great than to pile it on and your home look messy.


Plants are bae (even faux ones!)
When all else fails, add a plant (or 3). As someone that has a black thumb, faux foliage is the way to go for me, but even still, adding in a little greenery around your home can make a huge difference with how it looks. Similar to how jewelry and accessories can bring an outfit to life, so can plants to your home.


Pay attention to proportions (especially with rugs and your coffee table)
When I first moved out on my own, I opted for a smaller love seat vs a traditional sofa because of the layout of my living room, but I had to finally replace it at my current one because it was just a smidgen too small. I also had to replace my rug and coffee table because they were too small as well. Even if your space isn’t big, you still want the proportions to be right, so don’t be afraid to break out the measuring tape so that you can get it right.


Try larger photos if gallery walls aren’t an option
I know that gallery walls are all the rage but I honestly don’t have the time or patience to put it together. If you’re in the same space, a great alternative is a larger canvas, 2-3 large frames (hung vertically to take up more wall space) or even a large tapestry. They’re still as stylish but won’t take up too much time to put up. Finding prints can be daunting, but sites like Desenio are great for that (and there’s always a sale or an influencer’s discount out there).


Mirror mirror on the wall
Mirrors are a great way to help a space look bigger than what it really is. There are so many shapes and finishes to choose from (circular mirrors are extremely popular right now), that you really can’t go wrong. Just make sure it’s in proportion to where it’s placed).

What are some of your tried and true decorating tips?

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