tropical print long sleeve dress

Let’s Talk Tropical Prints

When it came time to pull together my outfits for the Memphis Fashion Week festivities, I knew that I wanted to wear some fun pieces, but I didn’t necessarily want to go out and buy a ton of new stuff for every single night. Yes I’m a fashion blogger, but I’m also budget conscious. Plus – I ACTUALLY WEAR MY CLOTHES MORE THAN ONCE, lol. Call me a repeat outfit offender if you want, but with how I feel about fashion as a whole, I just can’t push myself to constantly consume, consume consume, you know? I shop, but I shop with a purpose and know that every single thing in my closet will be worn again unless I unexpectedly ruin it, lol.

tropical print long sleeve dress

For Fashion Night Out, I decided to wear this flouncy little tropical print dress by Valencia + Vine from Shopbop. I originally wore it last December on my birthday. I got it on a sweeeet deal, and felt like it would be a different look for me since I usually gravitate towards more traditional floral prints and stripes. It’s not full-blown tropical, but it has that vibe. My friend and I went to dinner that night and I paired it with navy blue velvet ankle booties. Outside of sharing a photo of my makeup that day (because THAT was my real concern, lol), I didn’t take any pictures in it, so when I looked through my closet while gathering looks, I immediately pulled it out.

tropical print long sleeve dress

tropical print long sleeve dress

tropical print long sleeve dress

It’s a really fun dress, and because the weather was so mild that night, I knew that I could wear it with a strappy sandal and feel both cute and comfortable while I mingled. I’ve grown past that part of life of wearing clothing that is uncomfortable but a “lewk”, so this was enough. I paired it with yellow bead + sequin flower earrings by Bauble Bar for an extra bright pop of color and twirled the night away.

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I don’t own a ton of tropical print pieces, but this dress confirmed that I really do like (and look good in if I do say so myself) in this trend. I won’t go overboard when adding the print to my wardrobe, but since we’re in the middle of Spring and will be coasting into Summer soon (especially here in Memphis), I can totally add a few more.

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